5 Front Door Security Tips

The front door marks a boundary between your home and the outside world. Behind it, you should feel safe—protected against anybody that would wish you and your family harm. With crime rates expected to rise in the coming months as the country faces its biggest cost of living crisis in decades, it has never been more important to ensure that your front door is properly secure.

In this article, we will look at how to make your front door more secure using five simple measures:

Install a strikeplate lock

Strikeplate locks (also known as deadbolt locks) comprise a thick and durable metal bolt that slides out of the door itself and into a metal plate (the strikeplate). These are typically made of a reinforced metal alloy that is significantly stronger than steel, making them almost impossible to break open by force.

Add a security bar

A simple and effective way to prevent a break-in is to fit a security bar to the inside of your front door. These horizontal metal bars are secured to either side of the door frame, creating a durable barricade that prevents someone from opening your door while you’re at home. Even if they pick the lock, this security bar will stop the door dead in its tracks.

Install a security camera

With home security camera technology increasing in sophistication and dropping in price, there’s no reason not to install such a device on or around your front door. There are many popular brands on the market that provide a permanent live feed so you can see anyone who approaches your front door. Many models come with their own bespoke apps that send you an alert if someone is at your door, so you can see them in real-time. Some even incorporate a speaker system so you can challenge anyone you don’t recognise.

Use motion light sensors

Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, most break-ins occur on the spur of the moment, with little planning ahead or other forethought. As such, it doesn’t take much to deter a would-be burglar from attempting to enter your property. A motion light sensor is a great way to discourage such people, as it activates a bright and powerful light when they get within a few feet of your front door. Not only is this likely to scare them off, but it will also alert you to their presence if you are at home at the time.

Replace your old, outdated door

Perhaps the best way to ensure your home and family are adequately protected is to ditch your existing door and invest in a brand-new model. By installing a new front door from scratch, you get to choose one that offers optimal security benefits. This can include a heavy-duty composite front door with integral multi-point locking, designed to offer the very best in security against external threats.

Front Door Security Tips: Final Thoughts

If you want to improve your own front door security, Guardian Garage Doors can help. We specialise in break-in-resistant doors from some of the industry’s most respected brands. If your home is in the Northamptonshire area, give the team a call today and see what we can do for you. Contact us on 01604 810 710 or send an email to info@guardiangaragedoors.co.uk for a free, no-obligation quote.



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